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i want to paint the front of my old frig. help...
i tried to paint it using rustoleum but it spots
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kirbydr, In that you have put a coat or more of the enamel on you may have to go back with it but I would like to see you move to an acrylic if you have a Sherwin-Willaims near you and it doesn't wrinkle the enamel. Let that Rustoleum dry(that may take a few days) sand with 220 grit sandpaper and wipe with paint thinner. The wiping is the key to stopping the fisheye regardless of the finish coat. If you have a Sherwin-Willaims near you get a couple of cans of the SuperAcrylic and try out a small spot and let it dry 30 minutes. If it doesn't lift the enamel you should be safe in using it all over. If it wrinkles let it dry, sand smooth and recoat with the Rustoleum. The SuperAcrylic is the finest spray paint I have ever used and I have used them all. If you are able to use the S/W paint do follow can directions and follow all coats after the first one within two hours. If not it will wrinkle itself which is the nature of acrylics. I hear all the time that the only way to finish an appliance is to take it to a body shop but if you look at new appliances they are not shiny like a car...They look like appliances...This is what you will get with the SuperAcrylic. Don't let the part time help at Sherwin-Willaims talk you into the Appliance Epoxy...It is about as bad a spray paint as you can buy...Mike
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Talking is the fridge worth it?

if the answer is yes.... Get with a local autobody shop & do it the right way , in the booth to dry... Its will be gorgeous & soo many colors to choose from...
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I knew that my post on painting appliances would draw input from body shop pros(this is good) who would have us believe that if it is not sprayed in a positive pressure booth with filters that you just aren't finishing an item that will look GREAT and last as long as needed. The thing is there are few appliances worthy of such treatment. If it were possible to tour my home I would challenge anyone to pick the appliances that are factory almond from the ones I did in the carport with the SuperAcrylic. No bumpkin here, I have sprayed cabinets, autos, bridges, sawmills and everything in between and have most any type of spray gear short of a full body shop rig and for the $25 it costs plus a labor investment you will not beat my method described above...Remember, this is DIY...Mike

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