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We removed the wallpaper off our bathroom wall and would like to know how to clean the glue off. The walls are painted plaster and we would like to paint them again. And also how do I know if we have oil paint or latex paint as excisting paint?
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Sonnie Layne
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Hello Del,
Zinsser Company makes a stripper used on wallpaper that can also be used to remove the adhesive (per instructions). Wouldn't worry excessively over what kind of paint is existing. Give it a good wash with TSP or Dirtex. Protect the floors. TSP will have to be rinsed with a clean damp sponge mop. This cleaning is optimal no matter what you're painting, but in this case, it will certainly ensure good "bite" with your new paint. Prime before painting. You'll have no problem.

The issue of painting water-borne finishes over oil-based is sometimes over-kill. If the oil is fully cured (this could take 2 years for some products in some situations), then the solvents have flashed, and the oil has fully polymerized. Basically you'd be painting plastic at this point. More usually the problem is related to improper preparation, i.e. not sanding of the glossy surface. Most oil paints used are glossy.

At any rate, the issue is subsiding with the advent of newer primers, alkyd (oil) based over which you can paint anything. It's still a good idea to prep the surface unless your selection specifically states that it can be painted over glossy surface. When washing with either of the above mentioned cleaners, you'll be removing the gloss, at least on the micro level and providing "tooth" to the surface so your new paint will adhere.

Good luck


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