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I recently discovered a product called "acid stain", which is used to colour and decorate concrete floors. The product and application method is described in detail on the following websites, and the results are impressive: and

However, I cannot find the product anywhere in Toronto, and the various in-store "experts" I've talked to have never heard of it. Benjamin Moore and Behrs produce something they call "concrete stain", but those products are in fact acrylic *paints* and not *stains*. I've also thoroughly searched all of the various "decorating" and "how to" sites on the internet, and can only find advice on *painting* concrete floors, not *staining*.

Has anyone ever used acid stain on concrete, and if so, do you recommend it? And do you know of any suppliers in the Toronto area? Thanks very much for any information you can provide.
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Victoria, I wouldn't know where to buy acid stain in your area but if you will go to and do a search for "concrete+acid+stain" you will get more than you can read in 2 seconds. The first one on the list has supplies so perhaps you can order online. I have used these stains and always have had good luck but the supplies are always on the job when I get there...Mike
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Thanks, Mike. I'm pleased to report that I have now found a local supplier (well, more local than the U.S. at least; this guy is the only supplier for all of Ontario, which is bigger than Texas). The brand he carries is Increte(or Staincrete); I don't like their colour range as well, but have no choice at this point. Have you any experience with Increte, is there anything I should be aware of, etc? Also, I'm in the process of cleaning the concrete, and am having a hard getting off all of the old (white) tile adhesive. I've used TSP and am now about to try acetone. Any suggestions? And, finally, what do you recommend for the top coat? Thanks!
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Well, now at least we know you're from Canada, (wot eh?)

Listen, I'm from Texas an thare ain't no playce bigger'n Texas. Anyway...

I wouldn't hesitate to try some universal colourants with their stains. Might not take, but it would diversify your colour selection. You might ask them if it would work and save you the worry.

As far as the removal of adhesive, try naptha, it's moderately fast drying and usually will soften vinyl adhesives. If I had to get more serious than that, I'd jump straight to MEK and skip the acetone step. For the god's sake keep plenty of fresh air coming in!!!

Think I responded to your top coat question in another post. You'll need to verify that the ingredients are all compatible (via your base coat/stain mfg.)If nothing else will work you could always wax it.

very good wishes
(and I appreciate your fortitude)

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Well, we Canadians are known for our fortitude :-) Thanks for your very helpful advice. What a great website this is -- I'm so glad I found it!
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also from ontario

Hey what was the website that you found for the ontario dealer? I am currently looking for supplies for acid staining concrete and am having difficulties. Specifically I am in London Ontario.

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Welcome to the forums curious!

I doubt you'll hear from any of the previous posters to this thread as none of them are current members of the forum. Here in the states, you can buy acid stain at most any concrete supply house and some paint stores. It should be a lot easier to find than it was 12 yrs ago.

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