What type wall paint has smoothest texture?


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What type wall paint has smoothest texture?

There is a certain kind of paint that has a smooth, almost silky, texture. I feel it most often in very new high-end houses. Do you know what it is?

Whenever I run my hands against walls with "chalky" paint it sends a shiver down my spine. Most paint feels like a variation of this, some more chalky and some less chalky. But every once in a while, mostly when I'm in new $750k+ homes, the walls are painted with a paint that appears to have no "chalkiness" at all and I absolutely love that texture.

My best guess is this is hi-gloss, but is that really used on walls? I'm concerned that would still feel slightly chalky. It doesn't seem like this is eggshell, in these high-end homes there is even shinier paint on trim which I presume is eggshell. My final guess is this is a particular brand of paint. Similar to how Karastan carpet doesn't publish with the standard carpeting metrics for its high-end, it just has a "feel" that you either like or you don't. Same kind of marketing strategy with Bose speakers. That is what makes me think it's a particular brand.

Thank you for your help. I apologize for my lack/misappropriation of technical terms.
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Welcome to the forums Justin!

I doubt it's the brand of paint but rather it being a top line of paint AND quality application. On many cheaper houses the builder only pays for 1 coat of cheap paint. Basically that just colors the wall. When a primer is used followed by 1-2 coats of decent paint the paint job will both look and feel better to the touch.

The majority of new construction houses I've painted had flat paint on the walls [except bath rm] with semi-gloss enamel on the woodwork. Occasionally an eggshell/satin enamel will be used either on the walls or trim. The woodwork is almost always painted with more sheen than the walls. Most of the high end houses I've painted had flat on the walls and gloss on the woodwork.
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I agree with Mark, it doesn't make sense this would only be one kind of paint as you wouldn't encounter it as often. Top quality paints feel different when you roll them on the wall so it wouldn't surprise me if they feel different on the wall afterward.

Generally speaking, the best paint, supplies and advice will be found in paint stores, not paint departments.
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I would think also, because they're brand new houses, with brand new walls and a first time application of paint, would make the walls feel smooth and silky. An old house with many, many layers of paint and plaster, paint and plaster, etc., would not feel quite as smooth. Compare a newborn's skin compared to an old person! Same difference, you know.
I'm not a painter, but I can tell the difference between a flat and a gloss paint. It's pretty distinguishable, IMO.
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New walls don't have a build up of paint and if too little or too thin paint is applied it won't adequately seal the walls. That is why it is important to apply a separate dedicated primer followed by 1-2 coats of quality wall paint. Failure to apply enough mil paint thickness will result in the wall not being as smooth as it ought to be. It's fairly easy to spot difference on new walls that have a cheap paint job versus ones that were done correctly.

Old walls with multiple coats of paint can be also be smooth but a lot depends on what has happened to the walls over the years. Treated kindly they can look as good as new but if they've been beat/banged on and either not repaired or shoddy repairs .....

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