New Drywall - recommend a specific sealer&primer or one of each


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New Drywall - recommend a specific sealer&primer or one of each

Hi, as the subject states I am looking for recommendations on a specific new drywall sealer, primer or one that is both.

I searched this forum before submitting this thread but didn't find any recommendations on products. Internet research outside of this forum always seems to result in the same to get away with doing it as cheaply as possible. While this is fine I'm more interested in purchasing and applying the best product for my situation instead of saving 50$. I've put a lot of hard work into a basement remodel and I don't like to cut corners. Especially with something as big as wall finishing.

The space is a basement, but it is a daylight basement with 2 full size windows and a exterior door with a large glass light in it so this isn't a dark space. I'm not interested in a high sheen paint so I'll likely go with a flat or matte latex. My intention for final paint is to go with a high quality product from SW as I have access to a commercial account there.

I've looked at their primer/sealer options, but due to conflicting information I'm not sure which direction to go. For example some people seem to love PVA primers while others say they are cheap and ideal.

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I only use Zinsser primers. I'd go with one of their latex PVA primers (or 123) and a quality latex topcoat purchased from a paint store, not a paint department.
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The PVA primer is all you need to get a top quality finish.

I have a hard time telling where it's been applied though (during rolling), it's thin. I'd like to get a tip on that for both you and I.
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Not a painter, but I've painted my share of sheetrock. I recommend SW Premium wall and wood primer; After trying it a couple of years ago I won't use anything else on sheetrock. After it dries (which is fast) I give a quick sanding with an extra fine sanding screen and a sanding sponge for the corners. It sands beautifully. Once that is done, you just can't see or feel any difference between the plain paper areas and the areas with compound. I believe it's tintable if you will have a dark topcoat, but I've never needed to do that.

Good luck!
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Part of determining which primer to use is knowing what the top coat will be. Each primer is tailor made for specific reasons. An eggshell/satin finish requires a primer that will seal the wall better than a flat wall paint. PVA primers are often the least capable primer and only work decent if flat paint is used for the finish.

I'd never rely on a primer/paint in one for new drywall! Whichever top coat you decide on, the label will state which primer the manufacture recommends. I'd either use the recommended primer or a different brand that meets the same specs. Zinnser sells quality primers but it's best if you get the best one for the job at hand. Their 123 is a good all purpose primer.
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I 2nd CarbideTipped's recommendation. A close 2nd is Doit Best Wall and Wood primer. (Also made by SW)

Can't emphasize enough the need to lightly sand your walls with a pole sander after priming. Some primers don't sand well. The 2 above do for sure. Can't speak for the others.

Whatever you do, don't use Kilz 2, it sucks.

I will also say that if you are planning on getting wall paint from SW you should definitely talk to them about your primer. Some of their wall colors work best with a tinted primer.
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Thank you everyone for your reply and knowledge.

I definitely understand that the top paint will likely have a say in which primer so I tried to be as descriptive as possible since I haven't settled on the exact offering from SW. There is a SW store close by so I'll likely go give them a shout today or tomorrow.

I'll let you know what they say.

Have a good 'un.

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