Horizontal stripe in garage


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Horizontal stripe in garage

Painting a 20x24 garage with white over gray and a 6" blue horizontal stripe between the two colors. The garage floor drops about 1 to 2" from front to back, so my question is: should the stripe be level or should it match the grade of the floor? My gut says level but I don't want it to appear to rise as it goes to the back because the floor is getting lower.
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If the stripe is about mid height on the wall or higher I would go for level or parallel to the ceiling. If the stripe will be close to the floor I would match the floor's angle.
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I had a job where I had to add studs. The existing were not plumb. If I made the new studs plumb, it would have looked terrible, so I did them all by eye to match the previous mistake. Anyway, why is the stripe needed, at all?
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To Pulpo's point, you might have to split the difference to get it to look good; going off the floor or the ceiling might not end up looking right.
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Run a chalk line both ways and see what looks better. Chalk is pretty easy to clean off.
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I think you are overthinking this. Level. If you don't make it level, any cabinet on the wall, broom hanging from a hook, or bench/countertop that might be installed later would make the line appear crooked.
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I'm with X. The floor is sloped, everything else obeys gravity. Your eye/brain will quickly recognize that it's the floor that slopes.
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Ok, that's brilliant X. As for why the stripe because I think it looks good. The strip is 30" above the floor. Yeah, it has to be level to match everything else that might go up. Thanks.

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I've striped walls occasionally and couldn't imagine painting a horizontal stripe that wasn't level!

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