Painting on pre-finished wallboard

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I live in a manufactured home and have started painting the walls. That's where the trouble began! I have done everything I THOUGHT I was supposed to, short of sanding the entire wall, and the paint still peals off. I even skim coated the entire wall with joint compound and sanded smooth. I used Kilz latex primer (2 coats) and followed with latex flat interior paint. These walls are not vinyl coated, more like some type of paper finish. Any suggestions?
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Sonnie Layne
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Hi RP,

Sorry it's taken so long for a response. I have my own life and website to maintain and the other pro's here are busy this time of year as well.

#1 Relax, you've come to the right spot.
#2 Joint compound isn't the answer, exterior spackle will be better. Even "swedish putty" but we don't have time for that.
#3 Kilz ain't a cure all.
#4 Is it possible the finish is melamine?

Here's the fundaments of it all... you can stick paint to what's there, no prob, but if the substrate is failing, so will the paint. I expect there are other pro's reading this that may have a better clue than I as to the substrate here.

I can tell by your comments that you know the dif between melamine and vinyl. The "paper" comment has me confused. It's been a while since I was involved in mfg. housing. Hey, maybe you could contact the mfg website and ask them what it is? I don't mean to cop out, but if it truly is wallpaper then it's a different bag of tricks to use to paint over it.

All my best


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