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What is the best way (tools, use, techniques) to remove 'popcorn' texture from a dry wall ceiling before painting? The Ceiling Forum suggested I ask here.
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removing p[opcorn coating from dry wall

This is a very difficult project since most paint removers will affect the sheet rock paper. I would suggest you test PEEL AWAY 6 which is a ild remover, certainly capable of removing the textured paint. Timing is important and youshould do some test areas removing it after about two/three hours to determine how well the removal process is going. Good luck.
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Sonnie Layne
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Not so difficult as it is messy. Basically you're scraping that junk off the ceiling. As we live in a gravity rich environment, and you're going to be underneath it, I'd recommend eye protection.

There is a scraper made for this, it has a little tray that's "supposed to" catch all the off fall, but I don't use it. I pay my guys $2.50 an hour to do this all day long and no, I don't buy lunch.

Seriously, the tray thingy may work, but I use a 6 ft. ladder and a 12 inch mud knife to scrape the popcorn off onto the floor (cover the floor, d'uhhh). Then, if you want to get it dead flat, get some topping/texture compound, thin it to the consistency of thick paint, roll it on a bit and trowel it off with a 12" knife. It's called "skim coating". You may want to ask a local drywall contractor (some of us painters do it) to give you a price to skim coat the ceiling, you'd save some money by doing the really ugly part.

Otherwise, if you're going to go back with a light texture on the ceiling, scrape as above, then sand...ummm let's see how do we do this in less than 1,000 words... buy a "pole sander" (they'll know at the paint store) and some 100 grit drywall paper. Knock down the largest of the bumps you've left after scraping, texture, prime (always use a primer, not a paint), then paint and treat yourself to chocolate and grilled salmon.......

good luck


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