Latex Over Oil Based Paint

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I have a friend living in a house that is over 50 years old. This house has been painted numerous times over the years with oil based paint. Latex has never been used. He would like to switch to a Latex based product but isn't sure if he can do so without causing problems. If it can be done, any suggestions on preparing the surface, type of primer, etc. would be appreciated. The person at his favorite paint store could not give answer to his questions so I thought I would go to the experts.

Thanks in advance.
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Mdb2401, There are two paints your friend can use for topcoat that are water based. The latex enamel that has been around a while can be used if an oil primer is used first. This may defeat the purpose. The other is a true waterborne enamel. Don't confuse water based latex enamel and true waterborne enamel. Around here only Pittsburgh, Sherwin-Willaims and Devoe have one. Devoe is the best of them is called Mirrorlac. After sanding, filling holes and caulking, wipe clean and the waterborne can be put straight on the oil that is there now. Tip: If you need two gallons of paint get a high gloss and a semi-gloss and mix them together. This makes an awesome in between sheen...Mike

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