Stop Me! I'm crazy enough to do it!!!!

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You guys got me through a cabinet painting project with flying colors. . .(drum roll). . .Now. . .you've created a monster!!

I'm going to paint my 90-year old 2-story stucco house myself.

The wood trim is in good shape. The stucco has peeling, cracking paint and a couple of the sides of the house has ivy. Here are my questions:

+ What do I need to consider regarding the prep work?
+ Is powerwashing a good idea? Before or after scraping?
+ Prime bare spots? Same primer for wood trim & house body?
+ Roll, brush it, spray it? Combination?
+ The ivy is going. Any special prep since something organic has been living on the side of the house?
+ It's currently white & the wife wants something darker like tan or a darker beige. Any insight on dark over white?
+ What type of paint? Oil, latex, waterbourne latex?
+ Any other suggestions???

As always, this site ROCKS and I appreciate the wisdom.

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Yo!, Yo!...

-prep work considerations. It's tough, it's important and for every hour you'll be paining you'll spend 10 hours prepping.

-powerwashing is very important, before scraping (it'll do a lot of it for you).

-I'd probably prime the whole thing.

-If you've the sprayer, you can use it do get the paint on the surface in a hurry, but roll or brush before it dries. Roll large areas, brush the trim. I roll out everything I can using small Whizz rollers if necessary and then brush the trim out. The most time is spent getting the paint to the surface, so use the most expedient method for worry with the finish after.

- Doesn't sound like you're taking too big a step in colour change. If you choose to prime, have them tint the primer toward your finish colour.

- By definition, anything organic contains carbon. No problem, but the roots can be devilish. Soak 'em down really well before power washing, it'll soften them a bit. Or power wash in the rain if you're as crazy as you claim.

- I'd prefer latex all 'round, tho' it's not what I use.

- I'd suggest allowing a few days off after you're through to recuperate. And I've got the name of a good therapist if you think you're falling off the deep end, hehehe.



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