Resealing kitchen benchtop (mission impossible)


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Resealing kitchen benchtop (mission impossible)

So I have decided to refinish my kitchen benchtop, as it has looked too bad for too long. At the connections of the planks, the seal coat is bubbling up in some places, in other places it seems to have cracked and the connections looks pretty horrific. I am seeing holes where these connections are and I am pretty worried that the whole job is a do-over. Because the connections are looking so bad, I am thinking they need to be separated, the old glue removed and then to start from the beginning. Someone please tell me I am wrong, but you have to back it up with some sound theory as well

I can remove the seal and see what is what, but being the kitchen bench, it can not afford to be out of action for long, so I need to plan ahead. I also wanted to oil seal, not poly.
I have attached a few photos to help express what I am talking about.
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I would not even consider separating the planks. It is a major job and has a good risk of breaking/destroying the counter. I would just sand or plane off the old finish and apply a new finish.
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I expect it is a major job. Makes me think of laminex haha. Though I am afraid the gaps in the timber will look horrific after I am done. Might have to do a bit of filling with coloured silicone then?

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