Painting over vinyl wallpaper

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HELP: I am just moving into a rented house, which has a nice, airy sitting room, but the landlord has recently re-wallpapered it with cream and brown stripe-y paper! I can not live with this on a daily basis, and want to paint over it with a neutral whilte/cream colour. The trouble is the landlord wants the vinyl paper to stay in place. What can I do? Help me to escape from a fate worse than death! Thanks. Also, what is the advantage to him keeping the paper on? - will he ever be able to use it again, after I've painted over it?
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Amelia, Prime the paper with a 100% acrylic latex primer like Zinsser 123, KILZ II or KILZ Total One. You can have these primers tinted toward the final color but some will not want to do it because can directons don't advise. 50-75% of the topcoat formula can safely go in primer that is priming for a neutral white/cream color. Your landlord is probably concerned that removing the paper could result in damage to the walls and it is possible. Also, if you remove the paper all of the paste would have to scrubbed off and thats no fun......Mike
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I have done this sort of thing several times...

If your landlord is ammenable, with the help of some hot water, remove the vinyl layer of paper. The adhesive layer will still be stuck to the wall, and the seams between sheets will be more noticeable. Using joint compound, LIGHTLY fill the seams. After at least 8 hours or so, sand thoroughly. It would be a good idea to lightly sand the whole wall to remove some "fuzzies".

Then, prime and paint. You will probably not even be able to tell that there is paper underneath. If you simplu use BIN or Kilz, and depending on how "loud" the paper is, you may be able to notice. This is especially true if the wall has a long sun exposure during the day. If you don't want to go through the trouble of removing the top layer, then at least sand the wallpaper first with a light grit paper, about 100 or a little higher, depending on the texture of the paper.

Good luck


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