Airless sprayer - tip size


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Airless sprayer - tip size

Two options for my new unfinished wood/mdf cabinet doors and existing pre-painted frames:
I am priming with BM Alkyd primer and the top coating with BM Advance Alkyd waterborne
Priming with Zinssler and top coating with SW Pro Classic Waterborne Alkyd

I plan on spraying with a GRaco X5 and what tips? I have 310 FFLP tip and 313 & 515 RAC5. I assume 515 for primer, yes? Topcoat I was thinking 310 FFLP, but should I do 313 regular not FFLP?

Also, would you add Penetrol or FLoetrol to the waterborne alkyds to further help with leveling? I read the BM Advance you should add nothing. When testing with SW ProClassic OIL, I added both Penetrol and dilluted 3 to 1 with paint thinner and got very smooth results with 313 tip. But now it seems I shouldn't use oil, so how does Alkyd stack up? Should I thin it with distilled water and or floetrol (or is it oil based penetrol)?
Sand after primer with 220 grit or synthetic steel wool? Should I sand/steel wool after 1st coat of topcoat too?
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Floetrol is the latex version of Penetrol. I rarely use either when spraying as it also slows down the drying time. I've never had an issue spraying latex or oil and not having it lay down nicely but then I do tend to spray as heavy a coat as feasible. A 5/15 tip is on the big side for cabinet doors.

220 grit should work well. Steel wool doesn't always play nice with latex or waterborne. Any leftover pieces of steel on the substrate can turn to rust, discoloring the paint.
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Started the cabinet job, sprayed 310 FFLP tip airless (Graco X5) using BIN shellac primer and it worked great. Heck of a mess to clean up, but used ammonia and it worked great. Waited 24 hours, lightly sanded with 320 (220 in some rougher spots, but the BIN laid down pretty smoothly). Then started spraying Benjamin Moore Advance satin thinned with maybe 10-15% distilled water, but the 310 clogged right off. Went to a regular RAC IV 313 (not FFLP) and was nervous I'd start getting orange peel. MAN O MAN the Advance paint is pretty amazing stuff. It leveled out perfectly after the one coat. I still saw a slight scuffing from my 220 sanding in some areas, assuming the 2nd coat will get rid of it, but I am amazed and grateful for the BM Advance paint, it really is something else. Noticeably better than the Sherman Williams Pro Classic oil even after I thinned with thinner and added Penetrol when I spray tested a spare cabinet door with the same 313 tip.

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