paint with primer to cover red?


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paint with primer to cover red?

i have 2 red walls that need to be covered in white. other walls are white. i have half gallon leftover valspar paint /primer ultra base A flat and 2 coats on a 3x3 test section have not fully covered the red. i'm happy with that paint being my color however it comes out of the can.

i definitely have to buy another gallon of something.

since this is 3 coat job apparently, should i just get cheaper paint and do 3 coats with that or am i lucky if 3 coats of the 33 dollar paint covers the red

or any other suggestions appreciated.
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I would probably prime the walls with Kilz original first.
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I can only tell you what works for me, Benjamin Moore Fresh Start.
Someone had let there kids paint the wall purple and the ceiling black in the room, one coat and for most people it would have pasted as a finish coat.
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is kilz a 'guarantee' one coat for the red? ive heard but never used it
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While I wouldn't be opposed to using the original oil base Kilz, I wouldn't use their latex version although I'm not sure you need to go to that extreme. Most any latex stain hiding primer followed by 2 coats of a decent finish paint will cover the red. it's not likely that any primer will completely cover the red in 1 coat.
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I've used Kilz for some difficult areas, with good results, but, short of someone posting that they were successful with it or another product, as Joe did with Fresh Start, I doubt that you're going to find any "guarantees" on coverage. Good question though, and I'm going to try to remember to watch this thread because, although I was never enamored by it, I know quite a few people who went with red when it became popular, and have heard several of them already wondering what they are going to use when it comes time to cover it. I'd probably run a test or two in one area and see how it comes out. The problem of course is that a smaller area like that might not be totally conclusive, but at least you'd have a better idea of it before you spend time and money doing complete walls.
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I think you'll find that good paint will cover the red in fewer coats than a cheap paint.

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