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I'm another casualty of trying to paint with red! Like Maggie (in another post), I've found it a difficult color to work with, but have a very different problem and question. I originally painted the room in a Ralph Loren red, which I did in one coat of primer and then 2-3 more coats of flat paint. It really took that much paint to get full coverage! After doing all this, I realized I would never get the walls and ceiling to meet perfectly and decided to add crown molding to get that clean finished look. I hired a contractor who did a great job but as a result of the intall, the walls needed to be repainted. During all this, I realized the flat paint was really showing dust and dirt and the contractor suggested going with a satin which will clean better. I did that and hated it! Given the dark color, the shininess made my family room look like a disco!!! Apparently, there are very different grades of satin/eggshell and depending on the paint manufacturer, it will vary tremendously and I just need to find a low luster eggshell. I orignially liked the look of the flat, but EVERYone is telling me that flat will never
work and will always show dirt and I should really go with a low luster satin/eggshell. Any experience with this would be appreciated!!!
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JulieC, I don't know who has the flattest eggshell wall paint. I use Devoe most of the time and it seems to work out pretty well. It does depend on the light and the color as to how well a room will look with eggshell. Why don't you give Sherwin-Willaims Everclean a try. It is a flat wall paint and is very washable.....Mike

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