acrylic/oil solid color house & trim stain???

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I have previously painted my porch with an oil based solid color stain. When I went to the store I asked them to give me an oil based stain and then mix it to match the color of my shutters.

When I was half way through painting my porch, I noticed that the can said acrylic/oil solid color house and trim stain. It also said water clean-up. The brushes and myself cleaned up with using water instead of paint thinner.

One other time I accidently bought latex stain and painted my porch with it over the oil based stain that was already on the floor. Half way through the summer, my whole porch floor chipped because of painting latex over oil based.

I need to put another coat of stain on my porch (I changed the color and it needs another coat). Should I use the acrylic/oil solid stain or should I put oil based over this for the the second coat, or does it not matter - it will chip no matter which I use?

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Im assuming your porch is wood...

Id first scrap the loose off and then sand the whole porch. I dont know what brand of stain you used previously, but i use Benjamin Moore as much as possible. After you have the sanding done Id sweep it off and use a good quality primer (Benjamin Moore FreshStart) and then paint it with MooreGuard Paint. Ive encountered your problem before and had much luck with this. Moore Guard is water clean up but it does have 1/3 oil in it as well. You can get it in any color and can match it as well. Good Luck

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