INTRO/DIY Fail #1 - Chalkboard Wall


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INTRO/DIY Fail #1 - Chalkboard Wall

Hello. This might be, the 2nd...or even 3rd time, I've "introduced" myself.

I have a hard time...following through. But...Spring has sprung, and I'm ready to try and tackle, the absolute bevy of DIY projects I have pending around the house.

I can barely swing a hammer straight; but...I'm detail-oriented, a bit of a perfectionist (which is why I have trouble, following-through; the old paralysis-from-analysis syndrome). Follow advice well...LOVE YouTube and forums, lol; happy, to snap a ton of pics, to support my request (as I'm very visually oriented).

So...DIY Fail #1, as I've indicated in the Subject; is a Chalkboard-Wall I screwed up. Am I in the right thread to start??

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Yes, this would be the correct section for any painting topics. Post what you have and I'm sure others can help. Just make your post short and concise.

I too strive for perfection, but knowing that I will never achieve it keeps things moving along in the DIY world.
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OK, so...nothing should be easier; than a chalkboard-wall...right?

I repaired it, primed it; first time working with chalkboard paint. Found it needed (or felt like it needed), 3 good coats. All fine.

But I had read...when you're done; you're supposed to cover the whole thing...with chalk. Made sense.

Now...I do IT work, in restaurants; and I see them do this "chalkboard" stuff all the time. When it came time for chalk; I knew you could get these BIG, soft(er) sticks...than the kind of stuff, I used to use back in school (I'm 51 FTR).

So...I thought I had it; in "sidewalk" chalk

The result, made it obvious; I chose wrong.

It's been like that; for over a to "fix" it?

Can I "erase" that chalk; and likely be fine? If so...erase it how; you can see the one spot, where I just tried a "regular" chalk eraser.

I was thinking about using something "liquid"; even something like, TSP. Is that the right call? Will that damage my existing coat?? Does it matter...because I'm going to need a new coat, no matter what???

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I've only applied chalkboard paint a few times but I've never heard it was supposed to be covered with chalk. As far as I know all any of my customers ever did was to draw or write on it with chalk.

TSP is a great detergent but if all it's residue isn't removed it can cause adhesion issues with the next coat of paint. IMO you need to remove what you can and then apply a fresh coat. I'm not sure what would be the best way to remove most of the chalk.
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Regular chalkboards get cleaned with wet rags all the time. Have you tried that?
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^^ A wet rag? Hadn't thought, to go that

Seriously; I guess I was just worried, about anything wet...damaging the coat. But, I guess all I can do; is see...and take it from there.

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