Interior painting problems and questions.

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Interior painting problems and questions.

I repainted one of my bedrooms recently. First, I put one layer of Kilz interior primer and then one layer of Behr flat interior paint.
Unfortunately, the results were not acceptable. There were many waves and smudges on walls. It did not look good at all. I even changed roller covers, but it did not help.
Also the repainted room had strong paint smell for at least two months.
I repainted all rooms in my house at least twice previously and it never was that bad. I am planning to repaint another bedroom and have few questions.

1. Should I avoid Behr and go with different paint brand? What is the best paint brand for interior home walls?
2. Should I use flat paint of some other finish?
3. Should I use primer or just two layers of paint?
4. What are the good painting brushes and roller covers?
5. What is the best painting technique?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.

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#1 - I don't have much experience with Behr coatings but overall they don't have a great reputation. IMO you'd be better of going to your local paint store [not paint dept] and buying their mid grade or better paint [they also sell cheap paint not worth using]

#2 - flat paint is more forgiving than paints with a sheen although they might not be as washable

#3 - primer normally isn't needed for repaints

#4 - While I prefer Purdy brand brushes there are many good brands. Just stay away from the cheap brushes and rollers. Even with my yrs of experience I'd be hard put to do a nice job with inferior tools.

#5 - That is hard to answer as it's both dependent on the type of paint [and sometimes color] along with what is being painted. Ignore the M or W pattern many talk about. That worked great for the old oil base paints but is pretty much a hindrance with most latex paints. I generally roll on a liberal stripe [up and down] reload my roller and apply another liberal stripe of paint and then take the now drier roller and reroll or dress up the first stripe. As with most things - practice makes perfect.
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Besides not needing to prime before repainting, DIY'ers also rarely know that you should sand walls before painting them with a pole sander to knock off imperfections in the paint... lightly sand between coats... and that you ALWAYS have to give a wall 2 coats when changing colors. (Cut in edges twice and roll twice)
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#1 - Do a little searching on this site and you will see the horror stories with Behr paint, it's sold for price not quality.

Sherwin Williams is ok, high end paints are Pratt Lambert (my favorite) and Benjamin Moore, don't be shocked by the price, when you figure it's going to last 10 years and still look good it's cheaper in the long run.

Paint quality is the absolute key to a quality paint job, you really do get what you pay for!

#2 Velvets and Satins are prefered for best cleanability without too much gloss, flats hide more but if you touch that wall to clean a spot chances are good your going to need to repaint that wall.

#3 - 1st coat is for color, 2nd coat is for finish! Don't fall for the one coat gimmick, the only time I get away with one coat is when I re-do a wall with same color!

#4 - Can't go wrong with Purdy, same for rollers better quality will clean good and last longer, actually cheaper in the long run.

#5 - You have to paint the entire wall, top to bottom at the same time, the wet edge is what allows you to blend the paint from side to side. 8' walls are easy, a short extension pole and you can reach the entire wall.

Gets a little challenging with 2 story rooms, you may only advance one roller width at a time but anywhere you stop (vertically) is a spot where light can reflect differently and it will show up!
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Thank you very much for all your answers.

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