gloss look with flat latex wall paint

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gloss look with flat latex wall paint

I am touching up a number of nail and screw holes. I have flat latex wall paint just purchased from Home Depot. The color is perfect when looking straight at the touch up, but when looking at an oblique angle the touch up'd area is shiny where as the rest of the wall is flat. I have observed this with a few other paints.

What is going on here - Application issue? I have used a brush and a small roller with the same results.

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Touch ups can rarely be hidden with the same can of paint, let alone a different can of paint. You get sheen differences where the touchup was made. It's a problem with all paint brands and sheens but especially cheaper ones. If any spackling was done, that affects the sheen as well.

If you want the best results you need to cut in and roll the entire wall so that the change in sheen occurs at an inside or outside corner.
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There really is no touch up with paint,too many variables, from the pait, to the application, if your looking for perfection you need to paint the entire wall!
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As noted above there are a lot of variables when touching up paint. Paint that is from a different batch won't touch up great, paint that has been on the wall for a significant piece of time isn't apt to touch up well. If the repairs weren't textured correctly the touch up will show.

I used to paint a lot of new construction and touch was always needed after all the trades were done. You get a feel for which areas will touch up ok and where it's better to reroll the wall. Lighting and line of sight play a big part in how touch up will look.
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I wouldn't worry about it. Seldom does a person look at a wall from an oblique angle. As long as it looks OK straight on, leave it alone.

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