Devoe and CIL paint in Canada

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Devoe paint is not sold in very many places in Canada and I can't find it where I live. However, I have been told many good things about CIL paint (which I believe is only available in Canada). Does anyone know the quality of CIL. I often see it lumped together with Devoe and Fuller O'Brian in marketing materials since they are all ICI (for example: see, also they use the same color charts, etc.).
Also, out of curiosity, since ICI makes or owns the brand names Glidden, Delux, Color Your World, Devoe, CIL, RL and others, why are the top of the lines of each of these brands different from the other. Are they not all made in the same plants and just packaged under various names?
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For years I've been telling people that "everything" is made in one giant factory in Taiwan with whoever's name on it.
But to get serious, yes the various paints may be made in the same factory but a different formula is specified for each one. This applies to paint, cars, boats, food, clothing , whatever. I think the average person would be surprised to find out that what they think are different and competing products actually come off the same production line but with different specifications. Computers make it easy !

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