Will Kilz primer cover up wildfire smoke smell?

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Will Kilz primer cover up wildfire smoke smell?

Looking for some advice from experts.

Currently building a new construction home that just happened to be on the edge of an Oregon wild fire that happened last week. Luckily the fire never got closer than 2-3 miles away from our property, but we've had a ton of smoke rolling through for the last week. Our new construction build was at he point where insulation had just been put into the framing, and the drywall had been delivered and was sitting against the walls inside awaiting installation (so only the outer pieces were fully exposed, but insulation was fully exposed to smoke).

My question is, rather than pay $10,000 to have all of my insulation and the outer pieces of drywall replace just due to my wife's worry about future smoke smell in the home, would something like some Kilz primer help with covering up any smell that might be in the insulation or drywall after we install it and pretend nothing happened? Or should I just replace everything at he possibility that there might be a smoky smell down the road?

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Kilz Restoration primer would be a good choice.
They use it in fire restoration jobs so I'd have to think that it would be good for your application.
I'm also thinking that there is no 100% guarantee that you won't smell smoke.
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I agree. You aren't painting the framing... the insulation... the subfloor... all those things could still possibly pick up the smell of smoke. So I don't think there is one foolproof way of mitigating those odors.

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On fire mitigation jobs you spray every porous substrate that hasn't been replaced with a solvent based primer. Oil base Kilz is usually adequate. A pigmented shellac like BIN is the ultimate stain/odor sealer. I'd expect the insulation to retain the smoke odor.
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Luckily your walls are still open. If the air clears, letting the insulation breath and get rid of as much smoke smell as possible before hanging the sheetrock will help. Then, once the house is sealed a ozone machine can be used if you still have smell. Then I would prime the sheetrock with a oil based stain blocking primer.
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Great. Thanks for all of the detailed comments.
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After our fire all of our clothing didn't just smell of smoke, they stunk. The company that restored our clothes put them all in an "ozone room." After that they were professionally cleaned. There was zero smell of smoke. If your house is dried in an ozone machine might be a good option.

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