Difference between ceiling paint/wall paint

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Kathy D
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What's the advantage to using ceiling paint? I have not seen any comments on this subject. My folks always used it.

I am going to paint kitchen ceiling this weekend. Would appreciate feedback about using ceiling paint. This is the hardest part to paint because I'm not very tall. If it makes the job easier, I'll purchase.

Any professionals care to share info on this would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hello Kathy D.,
Ceiling paints are generally standard white flat paints. If it is the kitchen I would suggest using a semi gloss finish. General rule is the more gloss in the finish the more imperfections in the surface painted will be seen in the finished paint job. higher glosses are more easily cleaned. A roller pole should get you the reach you need.
Keep your roller loaded with paint work from one end to the other and always keep a wet edge.
Good luck,
The Carpenter's Son
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personally i go with a flat paint even in the kitchen. the difference between ceiling and wall paint are as follows all(most quality paints,benj moore,sherwin williams) ceiling paint has self-leveling inhibitors in the paint it self. in otherwords if you leave a "track mark" or a "line" it will cover it self by drytime. hence the word `self-leveler` they (sherwin williams) makes a line of (ever clean) this is thier highly washable paint and is great in the kitchen and for your walls i would go with "pro-mar 200 " another very good paint good luck
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Kathy D
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Thanks for all the help. I went to Sherwin Williams website and they also stated ceiling white should not
yellow as fast.

Too bad paint manufacterers don't make ceiling paint in colors--especially if it's made so lines don't show.

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