Painting Clouds

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I am wanting to paint a cloud effect on my bedroom ceiling and wondered whether someone could give me a step by step guide on how to do it and what type of paint to use.
I am new at DIY so the simpler the better!!

Thanking you in advance
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I painted clouds on my daughter ceiling. Her ceiling was already painted light blue. I then toke white interior paint ( you wont need much and could probably use acrlyic paint) any water based paint. I watered down the paint some, start out pretty thin paint depending on how transparent you want your clouds, you can always add more paint and go back over to make darker. I used an older T-shirt that was torn up and dampened with water. Then you just wad up the t-shirt and start pouncing and rubbing in circles until you get the effect you like. Oh and dont forget to wear rubber gloves and use a drop cloth, this is very messy. My niece did her sons baby room and used 2 large sea sponges. Both were wet and wrung out. One she used to punce the paint on with and the other she used to feather out the edges with. These were more solid clouds.

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