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Unhappy help

i recently bought a stanley steel entrance's very nice with some glass in it. it came primed so i lightly sanded it ,used tact cloth then painted. i used a ben moore oilbased gloss and applied with a foam roller.i expected a glossy finish but didn't get one. in some places its ok but in
others it looks bad. what did i do wrong? 2 coats on.

* i really need some ideas on how to correct this problem.
should i use a latex over past coats? strip it and start again?

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This could be caused by a few things. It could be that the primer on the door has a few spots where the film is not as heavy as the spots around it and it will absorb the paint that you put on more then the surrounding area, causing a low gloss area. It could also be that you are not applying your topcoat on at a consistent build over the entire door which could cause low gloss in the areas that do not have enough paint. Consider doing this: lightly sanding the door again and put on a third coat. Put down enough paint so that you get enough film build to allow the paint to flow out and give you a gloss. Or you could sand down the present film. Put on another primer. Use a stain blocking primer and then put on another coat or two.

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