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the butchers wife
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We are getting a late start on painting the outside of the house. we live in Alberta Canada and winter is fast aproaching. What is the minimum temp.outside that we can paint, without the paint cracking. What is the standard drying time for outside paint? thanks alot
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the butchers wife, I live in the states almost as far south as you can get so I can only give you the general advice pertaining to temps and that is not to do it under 50 degrees. I can tell you we do it all year because after a good breakfast here it is worm enough paint if the sun is out and the temps don't dip below 40 degrees. Below that I usually don't risk it. This time of year the problem as I see it is condensation setting on the paint after dusk and the paint hasn't had time to set. I keep an eye on the temps from your area on down and I can't help but think if you paint after it warms up in the morning until mid afternoon it will have time to set before dew and cool air gets to it. Sherwin-Willaims has a new paint designed for temps somewhat under the norm so check into that....Mike

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