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I am redecorating anold home and while painting interior walls (plaster & lathe) with Kilz Total One water-based primer, the paint has begun to scale and lift from the surface while still wet. The walls have never been previouslypainted and I removed wallpaper with a vinager/water solution. I also sanded and washed walss prior to applying the paint. Any suggested causes?... I'm stumped!
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gcaldwell, First guess is wallpaper paste causing this. Are you sure you washed all of the paste off? If all of the paste is off that is coming off you may have to try an oil primer like KILZ Original. This shouldn't break down whatever is there like the Total One and will lock the walls down for paint/papering. As always, try a small area with the oil to make sure we are on the right track. Get back with results if you would like....Mike
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Thanks for your reply. The plaster is/was almost a sandy texture (not loose) and some of the wallpaper glue "filled" in smoothing the wall a bit. I will try an oil base and let you know the results.
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The oil-based Kilz (original) did the trick. I won't use the TotalOne product just doesn't live up to it's claim to perform as well as the original.
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I encounter those that push waterbased materials everyday and they are the makers and retailers of these products. The push is on from the highest points (EPA and others) to get by without oils and we had better get used to it because it's coming. The paint industry is attempting to regulate itself before the big man does it for him beyond what it already has. Your case is a classic example of why oil products have not been fazed out already. The primer you started with is a solvent of the product on your walls and this is trouble. I use waterbased materials every chance I get when they are as good or better than an oil but some things just can't be done with latex. To me these are floor enamels and stain killers. You didn't ask for all of this but I thought other readers might like some info on this subject because it comes up often....Mike

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