How to tell if current paint is latex or oil-based.....


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I've just inherited a bookcase that is an awful pink color. I want to repaint it, but don't know what type of paint was used previously.

Is there some way to determine if the current paint is oil or latex so that I can purchase the same type for the new color?
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Determining the kind of paint that is now on your bookcase may not be your biggest problem. If if was an oil or latex, the chances are that it was made from a base and then colorants were added to make it pink. Why, I don't know. The red colorants could be made from a pigment that is know to bleed through other finishes if they are overcoated. So if you put a solvent based paint over the pink bookcase, it is possible that the red pigment in the bookcase could bleed through your new finish. This is what I would suggest. If the finish is a gloss, sand it slightly to give it a satin or flat finish. Then put on a stain blocking primer like kilz and then use a solvent based finish, or latex if you like. Some people don't lke putting a latex over an oil based finish. I have not had that problem. Good Luck.
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