can't reach dormer with extension ladder, hints?

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I have a Cape Cod style home. The two second floor dormer windows need to have their frames re-painted. I cannot reach the windows with my extension ladder - it pivots like a see-saw on the front edge of the roof! Any tricks to reach those dormer windows?

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Sonnie Layne
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There are such things as roof jacks that will slip under asphalt shingles and support a 2x8 or so that you can stand on. In a pinch, I've used flat steel straps attached to 2x4's on the width, and the other end nailed through the roof. Best to nail under a shingle, but with the new elastomeric sealants, patching nail holes isn't a big issue.

Just to clarify the issue, if you attach an 8" steel strap on each end of a 6 foot 2x4 and then nail the exposed strap ends to the roof, you should have a place to at least rest a foot and get a grip so you can work on the dormers. If it's still not clear, feel free to email me.

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Thanks! I understand what you mean. This is probably beyond me.. time to call a professional in!


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