why some colors take 5-6 coats for good coverage..


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Once in a while a DIYer will question why the paint is not covering well. I have stated before that some colors require a lot of pigment and so may take many coats to evenly distibute that pigment. Unfortunetly (or fortunetly for them) many pros never face this issue.

Here is a reply by a pro on another forum. The color in question was English Ivy. But the specific color doesn't matter. What matters is how much pigment it requires. You really can't go by the color alone. For example, some reds are don't take a lot of pigment, other reds do take a lot.

"is a deep tone color and consequently uses a base that requires a lot of pigment--close to six ounces. such bases are thinner than say the base that your white paint is made of. compound that with the fact that with six ounces of paint pigment you have a situation that i don't like to deal with. for one, pure pigment never dries, therefore the more pigment in paint the longer the drying time, or curing time. that being said, i find that i have to wait at least a day to topcoat. if i don't i find my second coat rewetting the first coat. thus i find myself with a thinner first coat than i imagined. i have had this happen with paints other than sherwin williams until i finally wised up and realized deeptone colors take more coats and i do not care to bid on jobs with colors that are that delicate. i hope your painter waited a day or so before coats and hopfully he did not thin the paint for any reason. "
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Well..In all honesty,I have never come across this problem..
If I had (no matter what the colour} I would have packed in the decorating profession years ago.
Having said that,about 6 weeks ago I painted a garage door in fire engine red over a dark grey undercoat...The pigment was bad and the door needed an extra coat of gloss the next day to eradicate all signs of grey..
I wasn`t happy...I paid good money for that paint and it didn`t do what it said it would do on the tin!!
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