help, repainting after scraping blisters

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Been painting the exterior of the house and there are a few areas of extensive blistering paint over wood. It is easy to remove the loose paint with a scraper but when I overpaint there is a crater. Feathering with a sander helps but not a huge amount to remove the edges. I'm also concerned about the large amount of dust produced for my family and pets. I don't know if any of the old paint has lead but the house is 50 years old.

Is there any compound or paint like substance that I can just spread on the depressed areas after scraping to bring the surface back to smooth and level and then paint over? Would some kind of caulking or plastic wood work? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Sonnie Layne
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Sounds like you're really getting down to fine work if the sander won't take care of it well enough. Here's probably how I'd tackle that.
Prime the area.
Get some SYNKO exterior spackle and fill the area. Over-fill slightly as it shrinks just a bit. Sand it smooth, prime and finish.

Good luck

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