Smooth Finish Painting w/Oil Base

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I am in the process of painting my new kitchen cabinets. I'm using an oil base off white and would like a REALLY smooth finish. So far, as I've applied coats, I've always been left with deep brush/roller marks.

I've sanded the undercoats smooth and am ready to apply the final coat(s) but want to minimize the marks. Thinning the paint has helped some, but not enough. I've also used a foam roller and again, that's helped, but I really want a VERY smooth finish.

Any ideas?
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Sonnie Layne
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Mark (I'm guessing that's your name),

Here's what I do, after priming and sanding.
  • If you use a thinner, use mineral spirits, it dries more slowly than other solvents. Don't thin more than 5%.
  • Add about 10% by volume of Penetrol, a Flood Co. product. This will help greatly with leveling and not affect the sheen. At times you'll need to add a bit more to keep the paint leveling and flowing smoothly.
  • Use a roller to apply and spread the paint, but always use a brush to level and finish it. Work small areas at a time (one side of a door, or one side of a shelf.
  • Technique! Your final brush strokes should be very very light, about the weight of the brush, and the brush should be held nearly perpendicular to the surface.
  • Tools! Always use a natural bristle brush. For the finest finishes I use 100% Ox Hair. Spend the money on a good brush, visit your local paint store for assistance.
Hope this helps, you can email if you get no further assistance from the other pros here.

best wishes,

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