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I want to paint our stipple ceiling an eggshell color (the same as it is now),however, above the fireplace there is dirt/soot on the stipple. Is there some way to clean this without the stipple disintigrating or can I just paint over the soot?
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Sonnie Layne
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confused... stipple? Not sure why you'd be concerned over it's disintegrating. Not acoustical popcorn?

Don't paint over the soot unless it's just stained paint. Wash with Dirtex. Prime 2x. Paint.
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Sonnie Layne
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hehehe, by the way, Cindy, what colour is an egg?
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Sorry, you're losing me. I don't know what accoustical popcorn is, or how to tell if that's the type of ceiling I have.
I thought the ceiling stipple/popcorn....(LITTLE BUMPS), would dissintigrate if I wet them trying to clean it. I have no idea how the ceiling was done or what was used.
You say not to paint over the soot unless it's stained paint. Do you mean stain coming thru the "stipple"? It's not "stained" from the fireplace, it just looks grimy above the fireplace from smoke coming out of the fireplace and rising up and hitting the ceiling.
Where can you buy this dirtex? Would it also get the soot off the front of the tindlestone on the front of the fireplace?
You say to prime twice over the sooty area, will that not show through as a different colour in that area when I paint overtop?
And YES.... I ask lots of questions. This painting stuff is new to me and I want to do it right.
p.s. the eggshell I was referring to is "off white" ... I know.... what type of white? right?
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Sonnie Layne
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Hope my humour wasn't lost in your need for good advice.

An acoustical ceiling has "popcorn" which is actually small beads of styrofoam or perlite mixed in a carrier and blown on the ceiling. I understand you may not know how it was applied.

My concern was this:
If you have an acoustical ceiling, these little bumps will fall off readily when you try to wash the ceiling, they often come off just painting them. On the other hand, if the ceiling was textured using compound and a texture brush of some kind, then you should have no problem washing it without worrying that your texture will come off.

Stippling is a term used in the trade to mean striking a wet finish with the tips of a stiff brush to lend some texture, I just needed clarification. I didn't mean to sound like I was calling you down over choice of words. Now, try this...just get on a step stool or ladder, etc. Take a table knife (or even a fingernail) see if you can pop off one of those bumps fairly easily. If so, you've an acoustical ceiling.

If it's acoustical, you won't have much luck washing it without losing a lot of the texture. You can re-apply the texture by touching up, but it's messy. No prob, I or any other pro will walk you through it.

Here's the deal... if it's a smoke residue that can be washed off, I'd wash it. Others may not. On the other hand, it may simply be stained from temperature or very slight or absorbed smoke. If it's stained, it won't wash. You should prime such stains with Kilz, QD-30, SPS, or any number of quality stain blockers. I recommend two coats just to be on the safe side, not knowing how well one coat would be applied.

As the primer will very closely replicate the off-white of your ceiling colour, it won't show through. If the colour of the primer was too radically different, I'd recommend tinting the primer.

I recommended Dirtex because you don't have to rinse afterward, saving a step. The product is made by Savogran, should be available at any paint store, hardware store, or big home supply store. Wouldn't surprise me if it would remove the soot around the stone as well, but try it in a small area. You might be better off with another cleaner specifically made for cleaning stone. A good start would be to ask a local fireplace dealer.

It's good to ask questions. If you don't ask, you may never know. I appreciate an inquisitive nature. I'm an interested person myself and it's how I largely came to know what little I do.

Keep us all posted on your progress. Don't hesitate to email me if you need.

Was entirely teasing with you about the colour of the egg, by the way

best regards,

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