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We recently hung new drywall in our bedroom for walls and ceiling. We put primer on both (walls and ceiling). We had intended to put texture on the ceiling and just semi gloss paint on the walls. However, when we tried to apply the dryall mud/paint mixture to the ceilings with a textured roller, the mixture would not stick to the ceilings. We were told that we should not have used primer on the ceiling. My question now is, can we use one of those swirl texture type brushes with ceiling paint-to give the ceiling some sort of texture without using the mud mixture-or will this not work with regular paint? Someone help please! Thanks.
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Sonnie Layne
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I'm guessing that ky stands for Kentucky, at any rate, I don't know what to call you but here's a response...

Unless you used some hard core alkyd primer and didn't allow it to dry thoroughly I can't imagine that being the cause of the texture failing to adhere. Priming before texture is not out of the ordinarily ordained procedure tho' most contractors opt not to do it. Was it a primer or a paint that you used on the ceiling (geez I hate asking stupid questions)? Give me a brand name, maybe I can ascertain if it was suitable for use in the application. Hopefully you bought it from a local paint store, in which case they should be able to fill you in. Basically however, if the primer is labelled to be used under a water-based/born topcoat, the texture should stick as well.

Sonnie "the ever puzzled" Layne

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