wood glue removal

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I want to paint the walls in my living room but the previous owner glued thin wood panels to the walls. How do I remove the wood glue he used to adhere the panels to the walls? How do I prep the wall for paint? Also when I remove the wood some of the plaster from the walls comes off. What is the best way to repair the patches of plaster?
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Removal of glue

That job can easily be done using the PEEL AWAY 7 product. It is a paste so it will eaily adhere to a vertical surface without dripping, etc. It is available at Sherwin Williams paint stores.
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I went to Sherwin Williams' site, I searched through all of their products and I did not find Peel Away 7.
What is it?
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Sonnie Layne
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Sherwin Williams is a distributor. Mfg is Dumond Chemical.
Try http://www.peelaway.com you can get the scoop there.

I have in the past used a stiff, sharp scraper to remove the residue you're talking about, but I was skim coating over the top. If you have to remove the residue by any mechanical means (scraping, sanding, etc) you will most likely have to touch up the texture or skim coat and texture.

A shot in the dark here, but you might try some MEK, it is a hot solvent that will hit just about anything. Be aware of the fumes, read the label.

Peel Away may work, it's a great (and safe) stripper. You might contact the mfg at the above site. They've always been good about responding to email queries.

good luck, keep us posted with latest.
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Thank You for the Peel Away information. I visited the site and I think thier product is a bit too much for my project.

I think maybe I can sand the glue down 'till the wall is smooth and then just prime and paint.

Do you think I can remedy my situation this way? The peel away is for major problems. I don't think my wood glue is that bad. I think it will do alot of damage to the wall. One wall is plaster, that is already damaged and falling off. The other wall is a wall board, and the paper is peeling off when I take the wood pieces off. The wall with the wall board noone bothered to prep it before glueing wood to it. You can see the nails and the tape. There is no primer or paint on it.

Tell me if I'm wrong. I have no idea what I'm doing I just want the tacky looking wood off of the walls.

Please help me. Thank You.

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Sonnie Layne
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I'm with you. I can appreciate fine wood as much as the next person, but that old paneling is garbage.

Point 1. It's not wood glue, gasp!!!! It's a product similar if not exactly to Liquid Nails. For the most part it's a lot nastier to deal with than caseine or hide glues. Now, was this stuff squirted out of a tube (leaving evidence of squigly lines of adhesive) or troweled on solid?

Now the sanding, yes it would work, but the texture will be blown away, too. Then you have the torn places, they should be sealed with either shellac or a product called GuardZ.

Wait a minute, this is all getting really messy and time consuming. Could you possibly consider just re-skimming the walls with joint compound? Then you could re-texture any way you want and deal with the glue, the rips and tears, the falling off with one fell swoop. Tell me you've got it in you... it's not that bad, between myself and the other pros here we could walk you through it with no worries. Seems to me that would be the prudent approach and believe me you'll spend less time and have a project finished that you've created to be proud of.

Whew!!! Now that that's off my chest... contact me if you need further assitance. I know it sounds bizzare, but I've actually got a hairdresser (who doesn't know how to spell texture) and an editor (who spells it very well, but has a problem with imagination) under my tutilage (sp?) at this moment. Both wanted to acheive a certain look and neither were able or willing to pay my hourly rate, so for one hour I taught them both.

It's a bit different with written words rather than on hands visual conferences, but I've got faith in ya.

It's faster, it's better because it's your influence not someone else's, it's intimidating but it ain't rocket science. You weigh it out for yourself, if you need other input, stick around... these guys and gals are good and for real. If you would like, you can email me personally.

my best wishes,
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I thought that reskimming the whole wall may be the best bet, but that's not a project I've tried before.

Can you give me a litlle know-how as to where I should begin? Do I sand it all down first? What kind of product do I need? I will need to fill the holes first won't I ?

There is no pre-existing texture on the walls. So I'm not worried about that.

The glue remaining on the walls is in swiggles. These strips of wood were swiggled with glue, stuck to the wall and then nailed on with little nails everywhere.

This stuff isn't wood paneling. They look kind of like cedar shingles, only they don't overlap. These things are about 4 inches wide and a 1/4 inch thick and in various lengths. They are laid out in a diaganol pattern.
On one wall there is a large diamond shape mirror and these wood strips surround it in a diamond pattern.

Thanks for all your help. Next maybe you can walk me through acoustic ceiling removal?

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