Help!! Did I use the wrong primer??

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Please anyone Help!!
I am painting my kitchen. It has a high gloss paint. I dont know if it was oil based. I was told to sand, clean and prime to be sure that the new paint adheres so I did. I sanded , and then used a tsp/deglosser. Then.....
I used a primer. I used a oil based high gloss primer. I thought that this meant that it would coat what was already on the wall (high gloss), allowing me to paint over it .
I plan on painting my kitchen a semi-gloss acrylic enamel , not oil-based. Will this work, or did I blow it.
If I did what can I do now to fix it
Advice please
Thanks, thanks thanks
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robie, A high gloss primer(I have never heard of such) is the opposite of what you want in a primer. A primer of any kind is designed to bond to whatever and provide a dull(flat) surface for what is to come after. What I would pursue is a watereborne semi-gloss that will bond to anything. Devoe and Sherwin-Willaims both have this. This will prevent any re-priming to get that flat bonding surface. It wouldn't hurt if you have a pole sander($7-10) that fits the end of a rolling pole and sanded the entire surface to knock some of the gloss down...Mike

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