Repainting a metal (and wood) childs desk

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I am repainting a childs desk circa 1960 (I think). The desk is in good shape (a bit of surface rust, not much and not through to bare metal) but is that awful beige color from that era and I plan to paint it a primary color. My questions are:

Will I need to prime it after I steel wool the surface or will the paint that is already there serve as a primer?

What is the best kind of paint to use for durability and do I need to use a clear coat finish on top of the new paint?

Being this late in the year and cold I will have to brush paint.

Thanks for your help!
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Your old desk was probably painted with an oil based finish that was baked on for more durability. I would recommend that you use steel wool to rough up the glossy finish and to take off the rust that has accumulated in a few areas. An oil based primer, perhaps a Kilz like product, would also be good to use on the spots that showed the rust. Use a foam brush or spary can of primer. Now for the topcoat. I assume that you want a nice smooth glossy finish like the finish that was on it except a different color. It would be nice to spray a finish on it and you can if you feel confident with a spray can. Use an oil base spray can, the color of your choice if it is available. Be very patient when using a spray can. Build your film slowly. If you prefer a brush, do not put too much paint on your brush or you will have paint sags and runs. Your brush mnarks will show.
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Repainting a metal desk

Thanks for the information Brandon. I am going to try the spray can method as long as the weather far it has been unseasonably warm so I may be lucky! I am hoping to get to it by this week end so I may still have time to spary!
Thanks again!

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