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We just bought our first home! We have removed the wallpaper (after days of trying) from three rooms and are now preparing to paint. The ceilings in the entire house are that textured "popcorn" stuff. Any suggestions on cutting in with a ceiling like that withough getting paint all over the ceiling?? We are very concerned about that and hope someone has some ideas...

Thanks a lot!
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What is it that you want to do?? Paint the ceilings and then cut in the walls? Or just cut in the walls??
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Seems to me that whether the ceilings get painted or not the problem of the straight line that needs to be drawn at the top of the wall remains. This is one of those questions thats so hard to help with because the DIY help tools like cut shields or taping are not much help with popcorn ceilings. My best advice would be to (1) Get a good pro line 3 inch angle sash like a Purdy (2) Find a way to practice pulling straight lines somewhere (closets?) (3) If it will fit the decor your after use light colors that will be forgiving near a white or near white ceiling. If you can't tape it off and plastic cut shields are no help there is no choice but to do it by free handing a line and you can do this with some practice just don't start on the wall over your foyer door! You didn't mention your wall prep where paper was but do remove all of the paste and residue or it will likely cause your new wall paint to discolor....Mike
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quality tools/paint are very important

Quality tools and paints are very important. The Purdy brushes are cheap in the long run because you can clean them after each use and they hold up for many jobs.

A couple other hints: Pour the paint into a bucket/pail. Do not dip the brush into the paint can. Dipping into the paint can causes some of the bristles to stray and then you will get paint on the ceiling.
Paint with the tips of the brush. This seems obvious but you'd be suprised how many people end up painting with the sides of the brush.
After dipping the brush into the paint (and only dip it in about 1/2 inch or so) then tap the brush on the inside of the pail to knock off excess paint.
Before cutting right next to the ceiling, brush a short stroke to further knock off excess paint. This helps prevent the thick line (glob?) of paint next to the ceiling.

And don't stress too much about making it perfect. It takes a practiced hand to do it perfectly. You will get better with each room.

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