Why didn't my paint dry?

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Unhappy Why didn't my paint dry?

I spent all weekend ( ) painting my dining room, and when I went to take the tape off last night, but paint stuck to the tape and started peeling off the wall!!! If I wait a couple of days, will it adhere better? I was painting over a clean white flat paint on a plaster wall, so I didn't prime. Please tell me this is fixable!!!

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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plkasc, Most often the more time that goes by the worse the tape will pull on the new paint. Try warming the tape with a hair dryer and pulling gently.....Mike
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Or.....Use "low tack" masking tape..
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Why didn't my paint dry?

I can only tell you my experiences. I did what you have done before. The biggest problem I see was that you left the tape on far too long. If you are using an oil based paint this type of paint needs about 20 hours to completely dry. So you should have put the paint on, then removed the tape. If you were using a water based paint then the paint dry's farely quick. So removing the tape between coats is too expensive and timely.
What it boils down to is removing the tape after the last coat of the day.
Another way of thinking of it is the glue on the back of the tape isn't really dried to the wall, so removing it within 1-2 hours makes it easier. Leaving it for the weekend gives the glue on the tape time to completely dry (adhere) to the wall (or window frame) whatever you've taped. So when you are then trying to remove the tape the under paint or sometimes wall comes with it.
Don't forget to allow the paint to completely dry before putting on another coat.
As for the wall that came off with the tape, you will have to put puddy over it. Then prime it, then paint it.
Let me know how it goes.

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I've never done this myself. Place a razor blade on top of the paint right against the tape. The idea is, as you ease off the tape, the blade will cut the paint before the tape pulls it up.
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I did this once!

Even if you use the low-tack tape it can happen it did to me. The key is to get if off before the paint is dry. Of course if you are doing multiple layers of paint this is a problem. I did the razor blade idea. I put a straight metal edge against the tape edge, and used the blade against it. It did seperate the tape from the paint pretty good although I guess I didn't do it all the way through in all places so it did pull some. Be sure and let the paint dry throughly between coats. Good luck!

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