please help with stenciling!


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please help with stenciling!

I'm trying to stencil for the first and possibly LAST time. The gel is too light, the acrylic paint runs. Now I'm trying to darken the areas that don't seem to have ANY color on them and it seems to take the paint off rather than get more color on.

The wall is painted with 3 layers of latex paint, a base and two colors of paint finish. I've tried the "poncy" sponge things on sticks sold for stenciling - they leave big obvious air bubbles - the sponges that look like cosmetic sponges - they take paint off. Regular small brushes work better than the sponges but still are taking paint off or just plain don't look good.

The background is sort of terracotta colored and I'm trying to stencil in dark yellow, teal green, red and turquoise. The red (gel) is the only one that looks half decent. The other gels are almost colorless.

What am I doing wrong?
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I recently finished a big stenciling job consisting of three overlay stencils. I prepare by wrapping paper towel around your arm (between your wrist and elbow on the arm NOT being used to hold the brush). Secure with masking tape putting as little masking tape as possible on the paper towel. Put your paint in small disposable cups like the size of Nyquil cups. Use brushes, not the newer types of devices.
Less paint is better! You can always add more. Dip your brush into the paint, then dab the excess off onto the paper towel. Be sure your brush is at a 90 degree angle so you dab directly into the stencil. This will prevent paint from seeping under your stencil. Dab again and again, fairly hard, until you get the desired darkness.
Your color selection is also important. Your stencil colors should be darker than the surface you're painting on.
Once you get the hang of it, it's simple but somewhat time consuming. To me the most difficult part is cleaning the stencil when it gets too much paint on it and starts blurring the lines a bit. Good luck. E-mail me if you need any more info.
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If it's taking the paint off are you trying to paint over paint that is not quite dry? This will make the paint already on the wall come off. I don't know about "gel" paints, but it sound translucent or maybe the kind you use with the sponge type printing foam things . I love the dry potted paint for stencils. I know the "new" way is to use acrylics that you dab to be almost dry but I love the old dry pots or stencil crayons. I find them to give a more solid color. If you haven't tried to the foam print type thing then I would highly recommend them. They looks very hand painted when finished, people always say, how did you paint that and are amazed when I tell them it's the foam stamp things from plaid. Wal-mart has them and it sounds like you have the paint for the already. They are sooooo fast compared to stencils and look so much better. Good luck!

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