polyurethane over latex floor paint?

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polyurethane over latex floor paint?

I've been researching the info available about painting concrete floors. My apartment has glued on commercial grade carpet, that we are removing. We decided to paint a faux stone walkway from the front door down the middle of the apt. The floor is no prize to begin with, so we just got your basic floor and deck latex paint (ColorPlace I think). I couldn't come up with a good way to take up the foam and glue, so I just scraped off the foam (and whatever glue would come up). What was left were a lot of brush lines from the glue. I tried using BIX stripper to take the glue off, but it did nothing more than gas us out of the house (basement apt).

So now the path it a brick red, awaiting a second coat, then the stones (a gray garage floor paint, same brand) on top. I don't think that the paint would ever stand any kind of traffic, and it happens to be over the most travelled area in the apartment.

To my question: is there a polyurethane or lacquer that will cover latex in a clear, thick, hard manner? Sorta like putting a piece of glass over it? It doesn't have to be really shiny, but I'd like it to stay there a while. As I said, the floor is in no great shape itself, however it has no water leaks (very good subfloor permeability).

Are there any products out there that can make this mess look good?

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polyuretane over latex-painted floor

Hi, my name is Frank and I put polyurethane ( waterbased ) over water-based paint all the time in my business. It's alomost aleways kitchen cabinetry though I've done some white-washed flooring too.
I use a catalyzed poly. for flooring and it's as tough as any residential product out there.
I get it thru my franchise so there's no particular brand name on it but if you talk to a local flooring company I'm sure they'd tell ya where you could get some. Also I've seen floor polys. at some paint stores but see if you can get a poly. that is used in con juntion with a catalyst and I'd add a cup of water per gallon to help with the workability of it.
Good luck,
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sunseri, The thick glassy look you want may be had from
West Marine......Mike

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