wall exudating oil

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Unhappy wall exudating oil

My cousin just moved to his new house.The walls were painted with an acrylic interior paint (we think), but he didnt like the colour so we repainted again (also with an acrylic waterbased emulsion).
About a month later the walls start exudating in many places an oily solution. Does anybody know whatws thi is and how to resolve it?

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A new house? If it is, sometimes the sheetrock companies get behind, Ive seen it so bad that they couldn't keep up and whenever we bought new rock it was still wet from the manufacterer, which could possibly cause this.

If it is not actually a "new" house then there is no telling what kind of paint or what the previous owners got on the walls, if it were me I would wash the walls down good with TSP or Dirtex (paint stores) according to instructions, rinsing well, allow to dry, prime with an oil based primer is my suggestion, such as Kilz original or Zinnsers Bin then repaint with a quality latex wall paint.

You may want to test an inconspicuous area with this proccess and make sure it does the job before putting all the time into the whole room.

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