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Thumbs down Walmart Paint

I bought a 5 gallon can of off white from Walmart. I have a lot to paint. I will never buy it again. It took 5 coats to cover a previous coat of white in my living room, and it looks terrible now. When I did the dining room I bought Glidden Antique White. It covered in 1 coat and looks bueatiful.
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There ought to be a law....

against selling paint that is so poor quality. The reason there is no regulation to speak of in the making and applicaton of paint is poor paint and poor painters don't really do great harm to a home (as far as real price) and there is little if any threat to people. Plumbers follow code and are licensed and the reason for code is one pipe lets go while at work or at night and it can do tens of thousands of dollars in damage. They really don't think someone is going to drown. To make matters worse on the water damage thing, if a pipe bursts in my home State Farm will pay to fix the pipe but not the home damage so I really want some code followed and a man of experience doing the work.
I do wish there was a way to get the word out so that it is common knowledge (like no latex over oil that everyone knows) that the bargain grade paints are no bargain. They kill you with labor, most don't cover and hardly bond to anything. Paint companies have this real cool thing going, at least for them, and that is the year warranty. People see that the cheapest thing out there is rated for 7-9 years and and the next line up is 12 year for 1/3 to 1/2 more money. These year ratings are a joke and reading the fine print, thats probably not on the can, will show that the paint is warranted not to fail in a given amount of time. The paint companies will almost always wiggle out of this stating faulty prep of some kind. Almost any paint if put over a properly prepped/primed surface will not fail and what they mean by fail is fall off, turn colors or a few other odd things.
When you do this painting thing everyday you learn very quickly that using the best or near best paint will make you money. The call backs are less and it takes less good paint to do the job. I used to paint townhouses many years ago and was using S/W Pro-Mar 700(the cheapest in the line) and would use a solid 7 gallons plus to a unit of wall paint. One day they were out of 700 so they put me into Style Perfect (the so called mid grade before 400) and it took 4 gallons to paint the next unit. It didn't take me long to see that I was saving $10.00 per unit and using a bit tougher paint. The next step for me was to get 7 SuperPaints and do two units in the best they had.
Point of this diatribe is to urge the DIY'er to move to the top of the line paint section (and tools) and know that it is money well spent and if not an up front savings at least a long term savings.....Mike
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Hey Jumper -

Do you still have any walmart paint left? I'd take it back and demand a refund. Tell them exactly what you said here. I've had similar experiences with certain paints at Lowe's, and they always take it back. Hope you still have your receipt!


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