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Question Painting Stripes

I want to paint stripes on my son's bedroom walls. However, when I use a level to draw a staight line the stripes end up uneven. (for example they start out 6" at the top of the wall and end up 5 1/2" at the bottom) I figure this is because my walls are not plumb. How can I fix this problem so that visually the stripes look even?? Should I just give this idea up?? Thanks for any help.
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How wide are these stripes going to be? 1/2 inch from ceiling to floor is not that bad, probably never will see it with the naked eye. Whenever I paint stripes in commercial jobs I always ask the general contractor "Do you want me to plumb the stripes with the structure or with a level?" and they always say with a level (or the like) I feel if you plumb them with the wall and the wall is not square then the lines would be more noticable not being verticaly level than if they are verticaly level and just 1/2 off from the corner from cieling to floor, if that makes sense .



I just realized you may be refering to the lines to be painted themselves as not being plumb with each other, if this is the case measure and make several marks down the wall (however wide the stripes are) then use the level to make your lines and the marks can be used as a reference so you don't venture off too far, you may have to adjust to and fro slightly, I call it "splitting the difference"
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Lightbulb painting stripes

I have painted quite a few rooms with stripes, here is how I did it.
1. Choose your two colors, paint the entire room the lightest of the two colors.
2. Use a plumb line (you can buy one at the hardware store prechalked) to establish a strait line down your wall.
3. Using a ruler mark where the next line will be (ie three inches away from your plumb line). Mark every two feet down the wall.
4. Use blue painter's tape to create a strait line by connecting all your marks. don't stretch the tape.
5. The trickey part is that you alternate measuring from the inside of the tape to the outside, I draw arrows on the tape to indicate that I am painting this stripe, not that one. -> <- . skipping every other one.
Let the corners be where you allow for uneven walls, and mark your plumb line on each wall near the corner.
It is hard to explain with out a diagram. If you want more help email me!
Good luck!

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