painting over lead paint


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painting over lead paint

I have just uncovered beadboard that has been painted dark green sometime between 1904 and 1925. I'm assuming it's lead paint, and don't have time to scrape it all down (the entire room is beadboard, even the ceiling!). Is there a safe way to paint over lead paint so it is not harmful? Is there a safe paint stripper to use with lead paint? Thanks.
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mzwong, Heres a good site to help with lead paint questions
To paint over lead paint you could use oil base straight on it. If you fear new paint not bonding to the lead paint prime with a good oil based primer like KILZ Original. There is no worry in just painting over this stuff, sanding and scraping is where you have problems. As for stripping it I wouldn't go there. If you use a good solvent based stripper that will work you will have two hazards going at the same time....Mike
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removing old lead based paint

Your job should be done by either completely removing all of the paint which can be done in one application usingb the PEEL
AWAY I product. It is safe to use since the system is always keeping the paint in a wet or damp state so there is no airborne lead dust. If you opt to paint the surfac there are some good lead encapsulant products available for this job. One is LEAD STOP. Visit the web site at for more info on both products. Removal permananently takes you out of having lead paint on your walls.
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hy, you wouldn't happen to be the owner of the company, would you ? As far as I can tell, every single one of your posts is touting "peel away!"
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Is there a safe way to paint over lead paint so it is not harmful?
To answer your question: Yes, just open a window or two for ventilation while you'er painting.
Geeeez, don't try stripping it, especially beadboard - what a pain. Do as Mike has suggested. It will be perfectly safe unless you have children that are going to chew on the walls.
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stripping (PEEL AWAY)

Yes I am associated with the Company that makes the PEEL AWAY products and the advice I give is based on twenty years of experience with our products. I would not tout you or anyone else on any product if I did not think it would do the job in almost every instance in one application., Thre are not many products that can make that same statement. Lead paint is a problem not only for children but adults as well. Painting over multiple layers of old lead paint is only going to put you back in that same scenario a year or two later at best. Al ead encapsulant achieves a dry film thickness of about 6/7 mils but it is still always necessay to check the integrity of that coating as well. The only final answer to lead is to either remove it or strip it and then you do not have to worry about it again.
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