multiple layers of paint on trim

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multiple layers of paint on trim

I have several layers of paint on the trim and interior doors. It would take me forever to strip everything down to the wood, so I want to just paint over. In many places I have sanded and the new paint will look great, but in certain areas layers of the old paint have peeled off, so if I paint over there will be visible indentations where there are fewer layers. Is there anything I can use to even out the indentations before painting. I was told to use Bondo (car scratch filler), but I am not sure. Please help.
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robtoledo, I have used bondo for quick fill things like holes in hollow core doors etc. but always finish it off with a coat or two of spackling compound because bondo doesn't sand very well. Prime areas to be patched with an oil primer like KILZ Original, patch with spackling a time or two or until smooth, sand, prime patched areas (important), sand lightly and paint.....Mike
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I dont know how your houses are finished in America,so to avoid confusion all I can suggest is from Australia,although you will be sure to have an equal there.(Go to a Plasterers shop)
It sounds like the paint peeling off the doors is only a couple of milimetres in depth,so to use a compound that is hard to sand would not be wise.Something that is easy to sand is what you want.For our big holes we use a plasterers mix that they use to fix the plaster cornices up called CORNICE CEMENT and for the second finish we use a product they use for joining the wallboards togeather called BASE COAT and for a final finish it is a product called TOPPING CEMENT .This is so soft you can sand it with your hands,and by using that we can get a finish so smooth,you will never see the join.It will need sealing before top coats.

But I am concerned that the peeling doors are just the tip of the iceberg?I hope that the effort you go too is not wasted because the paint has not got a key many layers of paints under.If the paint is coming off at all easy,it would be wise to strip them back although it is time consuming,otherwise more painting of those very same doors is sure to arise soon again in time.

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