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Hi, I am trying to paint a room in a house recently purchased. The room was wallpapered due to a gross blood red rubbery paint. I have stripped the wall paper, however various parts of the walls have patches where paint has come off with the paper. If I paint this with 'thin' paint, you get dwells in the new paint and it looks very patchy. It seems it needs a 'thick' base to iron out these dwells. What is the best thing to use ? I was going to use White emulsion to cover up the Red, but this won't conceal the 'dents'.

Help appreciated.


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My brother is renovating an old house and has encountered exactly the same problem. The only thing we found that worked to cover the layers (short of stripping the paint) was sanding and light spackling to even it out. Unfortunately, this can be a huge job (in fact, my brother gave up and decided to just live with it in some places). But a small power sander and a little spackle can do wonders if you have the time and patience. If you can't get the walls all the way to your satisfaction, you can use a thick nap roller and flat paint to help hide whatever's left. A good primer and 2 finish coats will help too.

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