When to remove painters tape

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Smile When to remove painters tape

How long should you let the paint dry before taking off painters tape? Should I take it off right after the paint dries, or should I let the paint cure for a couple of days? Or does it Matter? I am going to need a second coat, so it doesn't make since to take it off between coats. Is there a problem with letting it stay on between coats? FYI - the kind of tape I am using is the low-adhesive blue painters tape. It says on the roll that it can be left on for 7 days.
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To prevent bleeding use a putty knife to bed the tape. After letting the paint dry, score the edge of the tape line with a utility knife to avoid tearing the paint (when you've applied the second coat and it is dry).

Of course, you already have your first coat down, so the second part of this would apply.

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Remove tape before paint cures

Remove the tape the same day. The 7 days quoted on the roll applies to the glue, not the paint. After 7 days, the adhesive may leave residue.

What happens is after the paint cures, the paint film is strong enough there will not be a clean break between the paint on the tape and the paint on the wall. The film is stronger than the bond between the paint and the wall. The paint will pull off the wall until the bond becomes stronger than the film.

You could score the film along the edge of the tape. But that is a lot of work, too.

The best option: use a quality brush, quality paint, and good technique. Then skip the tape all together.
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Removing Painters Tape

Ideally the blue painters tape should be removed within 15 to 20 minutes after applying the paint. If you have failed to do this and left the tape on for days, then I have found success in using a hair dryer on the tape and gently pull the tape away at a 45 degree angle. Hope you have success as well.
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Pulling the Tape after Painting

I use frogtape.... I pull it within 30 minutes of painting and get a clean, neat line every time. NOTE: always lightly dampen the frog tape after you apply it. This releases the lightweight glue in the tape before you hit it with the paint and get it under the edges. NEVER leave it on for a second coat.. It can tear the paint edge and leave a mess...
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Garrett_aaaa welcome to the forums! You are responding to a 10 year old thread with a 3 year old tag. Good information, though. Hope you stick around to give advice where needed. Just check the dates so you can be current with things. Thanks again.
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Thanks, Garrett_aaaa! Good advice - I have used frogtape, but never thought to moisten after application. Since I am painting a "projector screen" on the wall, I want my lines to be as nice as possible.

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