Ralph Lauren River Rock Paint technique

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Question Ralph Lauren River Rock Paint technique

I'm looking for any information about the 'River Rock' paint by Ralph Lauren. I am going to paint my computer room and entry way this technique. Have you had any problems? Do I need the specialty roller and applicators? I have used the 'Suede' paint in my kitchen and I love it! I am just curious about this River Rock. Any line or seam problems? Coverage problems? etc...
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Sorry for the links Tracie, but I've never used this product and what I've heard has not been very positive. These few links explain the product and that ultimately if you have concerns, you read the label of the bloody can. Someone that makes underwear should perhaps keep his name off of paint. Actually it's Sherwin Williams, so they can also be contacted, not to mention a thorough briefing from your paint dealer. The bottom link provides extra links to contact a supplier. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance miss, but hope your project turns out to be jaw-dropper.
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Angry Ralph Lauren River Rock

Ok, so I painted my room. My husband and I are pretty good at techniques. We've completed the 'suede' and have done some 'ragging off' technique before. Now the river rock fiasco. We painted the canyon red over a light yellow. First coat absolutely didn't cover, as expected. We followed all the directions on the can, bought the 'unique' roller and all. Second coat, well it looks great except for the fact that we have a room full of nice straight even ROLLER STREAKS!!! ugh!!! We've gone through 2 cans of paint for this 12X12 room. I am totally at a loss on what to do, buy another can and repeat? Maybe it will work maybe it will also be streaky....or just do the suede technique on it. It would still mean buying another 25.00 in paint...I thought maybe it was because it's a dark color, but I also painted my entry way, first coat, the light gray.....streaky and ugly just like the first coat of red....Anyhow just venting and giving the not so fabulous results...High priced paint and gadgets, poor results!
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Just a Couple of Thoughts.....

Hello tracie, I have used the RL products since there was RL paint products and what you can't get from the directions on the can is there is a different technique for almost every shade that it can be mixed in. The Coastal Sand color can be cut in with a brush and rolled just as paint with a regular pro quality cover with great results and this color makes great ceilings as well as walls. As you get into the deeper colors application methods change and this is not on the can. If you have long roller lines its because you rolled in long lines as you would regular paint. Take a look at the can directions and you will find that all River Rock directions are the same and the second coat must be applied in 18 inch random squares keeping a wet edge at all times. This method will rule out any streaks and lines that will no doubt be there if the material is applied in a normal way. When using the deepest colors a brush around the edges can't be used at all. You must tape off any trim or ceilings and roll to the tape. IMHO the reason the RL finishes have a bad rap is, for the most part, they are not a weekend DIY type of product that is marketed as such. This stuff takes some time and experience to get the hang of the various techniques to get a job that looks like it should. I have done many jobs in all colors since "getting the hang of it" and the RL materials are fine finishes despite the fact that the guy on the can also makes blue jeans. If you have any specific questions about your job get back and maybe I can help....Mike
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Question River Rock Application

We followed directions on the can, which is to start at the ceiling cutting in, the roll an 18" area, at the end use a final sweep with the roller from ceiling to floor (without reloading the roller). The second application as listed on the can says to repeat the above process. Evidently according to you this is not correct?...You say we need to keep a wet edge and apply random 18" squares...I don't understand what you mean by 18" RANDOM sections....random as in start in the middle of a wall and work out from both sides? Is there no final sweep ceiling to floor step? I understand what you mean about a wet edge, we tackled that concept when we were glazing and ragging off. You also say to tape off ceilings and use only a roller, The roller has a cover so doesn't reach close I guess we should remove it? Also what about small spaced areas where the roller doesn't fit? Let me know, Thanks,
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The problem is the deep tinted paint...


The root of the problem is the paint. Deep reds take a lot of pigment. They even reuire the base to already be heavily pigmented. I used a deep green in our DR last fall. The paint base was a golden yellow and the store added 12 ounces of blue pigment to that.

It is difficult to get that much pigment evenly distributed. A practiced (experienced) hand can usually do this in two coats. I only needed two coats. The average h/o will need 3-5 coats to get adequate distribution. My neighbor painted his FR a red. It took him 5 coats. No, he didn't ask for help. No, I don't butt in unless asked.

The key, as Mike said, is keeping a wet edge. You can do the normal cutting in, but do small sections of the wall at a time and work quickly. For a h/o, it helps to have one do the cutting in while the other rolls.
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Red face just suede paint it?

Well after some of the responses and my frustration level, I think I may just buy another gallon and perform the suede technique using a brush. I say this, but can this technique be done on any type of paint? ie, the river rock? I used the RL suede paint before and it seems real similar to the river rock, kind of thin with bits of sand or grit mixed in it, so I would think that the suede brushed on would work. Any thoughts?
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Thumbs down RL River Rock Sucks!

When I went to Home Depot yesterday, I asked the paint guy what would cover best for one coat (as if any paint would take one coat). I had in my hand a regular paint chip and the RL River Rock chip. He said "River Rock" so I bought it and the RL roller that goes with it. We started painting (per the stupid directions) at 5pm and at midnight, two coats later, a trip back to Home Depot (they did refund my money)for more paint...........we had streaked, crappy walls. I give up and I hate that paint and fighting with my husband because of it. I am going out today to try to match the color and buy reg. paint to go over it. What a mess! Never again.

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