faux painting clouds

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Robbie Yoder
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Question faux painting clouds

I would like to know how to faux paint clouds on ceilings and walls.
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Cathy B
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Hi Robbie. I did something like this last fall in a bathroom.
I didn't really intend for it to look cloud-like, but it ended up that way and I was very happy with the results. (BTW, the idea was my 7-yr old daughter's!)

Prepare/prime/paint the walls. I mixed Behr Faux Glaze with their High Gloss Ultra Pure White High Gloss enamel. There is no magic formula to this because it's personal taste as to how solid you want the white to appear. Having never painted for a decorative effect before, I mixed lots of glaze with a little enamel and tested the result on one of the Behr practice boards. It's easier to add more paint to the glaze if you want less translucence.

I then took a large piece of clean cheesecloth, brushed on however much of the glaze/enamel mix I felt was necessary, and dabbed the wall. I had another dry glob of cheesecloth in my other hand to smooth out any solid edges of the faux glaze on the wall. ( I bought the sea sponges but didn't like the effect on the wall.)

The results were really nice. One caution: as I made my way around the bathroom I noticed I got more heavy-handed with the amount of glaze I put on the wall so I had to go over the area where I started and beef up that area. You'd never know the difference now.

Hope this helps. Pick up one of the Behr brochures on accents.

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