Ext wood trim replacement painting...

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Ext wood trim replacement painting...

We live near the beach in Virginia Beach and are replacing a lot of wood trim (wood eaves, fascia board, wood trim around the fireplace cap, etc.)

Question is:

To have the best paint job and to prevent future rotting and any other type of damage, what is the best way to paint the new wood boards?

I personally think priming the entire board (all sides and ends) and then giving it two coats of paint on all sides and ends prior to putting back up.

I had a painter tell me that 1. houses near the water should be repainted once every 3 yrs (I think this is wrong and there is a problem with it if you have to or if it looks bad in 3 yrs)

I had a painter tell me that 2. you do not paint all sides, nor prime all sides of new wood trim. He said that you only prime and paint the parts showing. (I again think this is wrong and allows water to seep in from behind the wood and slowly pop up the paint and then cause water damage.)

Please provide expert opinion and personal experience with how to prime and paint new wood trim, especially along the water.
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You had the right answer.

All sides, linseed-based exterior grade primers penetrate best, allow a day (or more, based on weather), install the pieces, then apply a latex topcoat (two thin coats are better than one that's looks good to the eye). Buy quality paint from a reputable dealer, avoid box stores.

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